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Attention All Singles! Taipei City Singles Matching & Dating Registration Starts Now.

Attention All Singles! Taipei City Singles Matching & Dating Registration Starts Now.
Love in Taipei –“I Love You” Campaign Starts on May 20th

To help more singles expand their social network and find happiness in their busy lives, Taipei City Government Department of Civil Affairs has organized a series of “Love in Taipei” singles matching and dating activities for 2017. Online registration is accepted and all singles are welcome to apply.

Commissioner of Taipei City Government Department of Civil Affairs, Shi-Cong Lan, indicated that government-sponsored activities are safer than those by the private agencies; therefore, since 2012, the Department of Civil Affairs conducted singles matching and dating events in the interests of the public by ensuring that all participants are actually single. Over the years, the public has shown considerable enthusiasm in registering for this activity, and there have been 17 couples married during the past 5 years. Moreover, many die-hard fans not only participated in the 2015 singles matching and dating activity but also in the 2016 Taipei City Joint Wedding Ceremony, which clearly shows that the “One-stop Service” policy of Department of Civil Affairs has been thoroughly implemented!

Each year the Department of Civil Affairs receives good news about the weddings of participants. Ms. Luo’s father persuaded her to participate in the 2015 activity, and this year her mother delivered to us a wedding invitation and two boxes of wedding pastries! Ms. Luo’s mother expressed appreciation and stated that she never expected her daughter to get married through singles matching and dating. At the time, her daughter did not show interest in her son-in-law, but he insisted on courting her eagerly because he liked her long ponytail. The consideration he showed for her in every possible way produced good results, and they decided to get married. Mother Luo is most satisfied with this match, and is truly grateful to the Department of Civil Affairs for holding the singles matching and dating events. She hopes to have grandchildren soon!

The Department of Civil Affairs reports that over the years the average age of participants, both men and women, has been between 30-39. Recently, there have been more and more younger people participating, which suggests that more singles are seizing the opportunity to get married. Most male participants are either professionals in the fields of engineering and  the service industry or public service personnel. Most female participants are professionals in the service industry,  public servants and employees in the IT industry.

Six sessions of singles matching and dating will be held this year with 100-120 registered places for each session. Two of the sessions will be held respectively on May 20th and on Chinese Valentine’s Day (August 28th) with registered places up to 120. Each year the registration for singles matching and dating is soon filled up in the blink of an eye. To relieve the anxious parents who want to obtain information on how to apply for their children, the Department of Civil Affairs has released details regarding the sessions, times and venues for this year’s event beforehand to encourage all singles to register. Anyone who is over 20 years old and possesses Taipei City household registration, or who studies or works in Taipei, may register. For more information on registration and activities, please visit the registration website ( or contact the matching and dating hotline (02-5559-2450). Single persons interested in participation are encouraged to register online, and the public can also help inform  their friends to register and participate in this event.

Activity times and venues for 2017 Singles Matching and Dating organized by Taipei City Government Department of Civil Affairs
Session Activity TimeRegistration Date Number of ParticipantsVenue (Tentative)


2017/5/20 (Saturday)



White Rock Organic Farm in Neihu District


2017/6/17 (Saturday)



Wesley Grove The Methodist, Yangmingshan


2017/7/15 (Saturday)



Asia Pacific Eco Park, Linkou


2017/8/27 (Sunday)



Resort One Hotel , Yilan


2017/9/16 (Saturday)



Rosa Garden, Taoyuan


2017/10/15 (Sunday)



Taipei Confucius Temple

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