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2017 Taipei City LGBT Activities for Artistic Young People

2017 Taipei City LGBT Activities for Artistic Young People
Appeal to the Public to Identify Love through Cultural Media
The favorite classic gay song "Rainbow" and the film production "Crystal boys" are most popular.

In 2017, the main LGBT public activity in Taipei City is set to be “Identifying Love through Common Artistic Aspirations". The cooperation with film and media, as well as online media and the LGBT hotline, will focus on a discussion of homosexuality in the arts, and the following four major events are planned: "The Rainbow Photographic Exhibition", "The Rainbow Sharing Seminar”, "The LGBT Theater", and "The Arts Exhibition ". At the same time, a considerable number of influential people have been invited to engage in discussions. The public is welcome to participate in this series of meaningful activities.

The Director of the Department of Civil Affairs, Lan Shicong, says that LGBT activities in Taipei City have been held since 2000, and are now entering their eighteenth year. The city government has put in a lot of effort into promoting equal rights for members of the LGBT community, especially through sharing and interaction in LGBT culture and arts so that the public can gain an in-depth understanding of relevant issues, thereby creating a social environment friendly to diverse genders.

Xia Limin, Su Limei and the band MURMURSHOW will be invited to be the guests of honor at a press conference. Formosa Television host Xia Limin and his same-sex partner participated in the joint wedding ceremony last year in Taipei and are very supportive of the interests and rights of homosexual people. He is the first host to openly announce a marriage with a same-sex partner. Through his actions, he hopes that all homosexual people can pursue their own happiness. Su Limei, the Executive Director of Dreamland Productions, proactively calls for sexual equality. Dreamland Productions has produced two movies, “We Are Gamily" and “The Substitute”, which have been very successful in the film and media industry. The band MURMURSHOW composed and performed the opening song of the movie “We Are Gamily". The band will also host the Rainbow Sharing Seminar.

Favorite Classic Gay Songs and Films Made Public

The Department of Civil Affairs of Taipei City Government is working with the Dailyview platform to conduct “A Survey of LGBT Arts on the internet". Statistics show that the most common discussion topics among internet users are the following three categories: "Classic Songs", "Classic Film and Media", and "Most Popular Movies". Dailyview visited more than ten thousand websites, including news channels, Facebook, PTT, and major discussion forums and blogs, and the contents of the statistics were discussed between August 20, 2016 and August 21, 2017. It is hoped that through the release of this interesting information, the public can be encouraged to explore LGBT arts and culture, and friendly relations and interaction can be increased.

Top Three Classic Gay Songs:
"Rainbow" by A Mei, "Eternal Summer" by MayDay, "How is it different?" by Jolin Tsai

At the press conference, the band MURMURSHOW announced five classic gay songs. Zhang Huimei's "Rainbow" has been the most popular music on the internet for the past year, because the lyrics promoted same-sex love and equal rights of marriage. This song is regarded by the LGBT community as their national anthem, and has won the first place from Dailyview for its popularity. Mayday, who sang "Eternal Summer" backed by their popularity as a nationally acclaimed band as well as for their works of film and media, continued to maintain their level of public approval on the internet, and were ranked second. They were followed by Jolin Tsai with "How is it Different" and "Dancers", which are both related to Lesbian issues, and were ranked third and fifth. Even though it was produced 12 years ago, the duet song by Fan Wei Qi and Angela Zhang, "One Scene in Mind", was ranked fourth among the top five classic songs, and enjoys an unfading internet presence.

The Gay Movie “Crystal Boys" is the Classic of the Classics
The Rise of the internet TV Drama "History Trilogy"

"Classic LGBT Movies" are defined as local productions from the past five years. As a result of the continued success of the stage dramas A Touch of Green and Crystal Boys by Bai Xianyong and Cao Ruiyuan, the classic movie adaptation of Crystal Boys directed by Bai and Cao has the highest level of popularity on internet sites discussing classic films. Even though it has already been fourteen years, the popularity of Crystal Boys as a topic for Internet discussion has not waned. The Eternal Summer (2006) directed by Zhang Xiaoquan, and The Blue Gate (2003) starring Chen Bolin come in at second and third place, and highlight the fact that male gay issues and the image of movie idols are important factors in maintaining popularity.

“LGBT Runaway Movie Successes” are defined as local works from the past two years. Investigators found that the first part of the gay drama History – Stay Away from Me, broadcast on the internet, had good serial drama effects and fine performances by actors, and gained the biggest share of the Internet Voice of Approval. The Third Series of History – Obsessed – was also ranked among the top five. It would seem that long series with high production values related to male gay issues encourage comment and discussion.

“Small Talk”, a documentary about a lesbian mother directed by Huang Huizhen, is appealing in a different way from the obvious of attraction of films related to the male gay image, and was nominated for the Golden Horse Award. It also won Best Documentary at the Taipei Film Festival and the Teddy Bear Award at the Berlin Film Festival. Although it is a documentary, it holds second place for popularity in internet discussions. Zhou Meiling directed the films “The Substitute" and "We are Gamily", the main subjects of which are lesbian love and same-sex marriage. Although the movie was only released on the Internet this year in July, within two months it has already attracted quite a following and is among the five top runaway movie successes.

Come and Appreciate Art and Culture Together
Familiarize Yourself with LGBT Issues through Photography, Poetry, Tourism, Film and Media, Literature, and Music

There will be a series of exhibitions and seminars under the theme of “Identifying Love through Common Artistic Aspirations" from now until September 17 in Bopiliao No. 19 Exhibition Room, which will display the photography exhibition "See Their Beauty" at the work station of lesbian photographers Wang Jiafei and Shang Dian. It will feature "Holding Hands Together" and "Walking on the Red Carpet That Day", which share experiences of love. There will be sixteen groups friendly to the LGBT community to illustrate their journey through life.

On September 2 at 1PM at the in89 Cinema in Ximending, a documentary and a movie related to LGBT issues will be shown. The films to be shown are “Small Talk” and “Candy Rain”. “Small Talk” is the second most popular LGBT runaway success, and “Candy Rain” is being shown on the big screen again after an absence of ten years. The directors of the films, Huang Huizhen and Chen Hongyi, will attend the seminar to be held after the film showings.

For five consecutive weeks starting from September 9, ten sessions of the Rainbow Sharing Seminar will be held at YueYue Bookstore. Well-known Hong Kong poet Huang Yubang who won the American LGBTQ Literature Award, has come from afar to participate in the activities and share insights into the successes of LGBT poetry. In addition, Taiwan poet Sao Xia, Chief Operating Manager of Dailyview Lin Huizhen, YahooTV host Miao Boya, Queer Film Festival organizer Lin Xinghong, scholar writer Ji Dawei, novelist Chen Xue, writer Yang Liya , Singer Li Dejun and the band MURMURSHOW, a total of 10 guests, will be sharing their experiences through five forms of media, namely "poetry, tourism, film and media, literature, and music”.

From of September 20 to October 31, the "LGBT Art Exhibition" at the Check Inn is entitled "LOVE WINS Wall", and has a six-color rainbow themed room to help visitors appreciate different aspects of LGBT life. Since Taipei City will hold Asia’s largest LGBT parade in October, it is hoped that this will be an opportunity to allow international visitors to experience the friendliness of Taipei.

Influential guests have been specially invited to attend the LGBT community events in 2017, and these will help us to understand more about LBGT life through cultural activities. Regarding specific event details as well as how to register for each of the Rainbow Sharing Seminars, please refer to the fan page ( or event website ( for more information. Online registration starts now. Please act quickly as places are limited.

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