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Department of Civil Affairs


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Commissioner's Profile

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Lan, Shih-Tsung

Present Position

*Commissioner, Department of Civil Affairs, Taipei City Government



*B.S, School of Pharmacy, Kaohsiung Medical University


Professional Experience:

*Councilor, Taipei City Council (2002-2006)
*Delegate, National Assembly (1996-2000)




Words from Commissioner Lan:

At the dawning of a new administration in Taipei City Government, Mayor Ko Wen-je announced that civil servants will serve neither the political parties nor the mayor. They will devote all their effort to serving the citizens of Taipei City, to meet citizens’ expectation. Working from a foundation built on past achievements, we hope to provide residents with a better experience of living in Taipei through better information technology and more humanity care.

For the purpose of building a city characterized by beauty and happiness, the Department of Civil Affairs (DCA) of Taipei City Government promotes all civil affair services based on the core concept of “home.” The agency seeks to contribute to the progress and development of Taipei City by putting great emphasis on the importance of family value, humanity, and life education.

In addition to organizing mass weddings and commending golden wedding anniversaries, DCA took the initiative to propose the “Good Pregnancy Assistance” birth incentive policy. As a result, the birth rate of Taipei City is ranked first among Taiwan’s five special municipalities. For citizens’ safety and convenience, basic infrastructures have been strengthened through community involvement. Facilities such as civic halls, parks, Minsheng Community Center, and other district community centers have received new life and facelifts to create public spaces suitable for family activities.

Furthermore, DCA spares no effort in taking care of new immigrants and LGBT community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people) who expect to be understood and respected. The agency sincerely communicates with religious communities who work as positive and cleansing force for society. Taipei Confucius Temple and Lin An-tai Historical House respectively promote Confucian culture and Min-nan Culture. Taipei Lantern Festival, Coming of Age Ceremony, and Filial Piety Award are organized to build a cultivated and warm society. Renovation of facilities and promotion of practices such as green burial will satisfy environmental concerns and comfort the living.

What's most important is that we take public opinion seriously. In addition to organizing events such as conferences on borough and neighborhood development, meet-the-mayor tea sessions, and one-proposal-per-borough approach, DCA also keeps in touch with the needs of citizens through programs such as city affairs report system, news briefings, city-suburb exchanges, proposal systems, and “Fortune+” lucky bags home-delivery service. Through these programs, public sentiment is taken into consideration when implementing city government’s policies in the future.

Innovative development of household registration affairs offers more convenience and services to citizens with the help of computerization.

In the future, the policy of DCA hopes to meet the expectations of society through more citizen participation. We will listen to the voices of people and make Taipei a city full of hope through our combined efforts.