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Implementation Plan for Taipei City Joint Wedding Ceremony

  1. Purpose: Taipei City Government specified this plan in accordance with the diversified development of family and society in order to host a modern wedding ceremony that promotes mutual love, assistance, equality, and trust.
  2. Organizer: Department of Civil Affairs, Taipei City Government (DOCA)
  3. Participants: Both parties participating in this Joint Wedding Ceremony Event (hereafter referred to as ‘this event’) must be single, and one of them should hold household registration in this city, work in this city, or study in this city.
  4. Registration Method: DOCA will announce online two months in advance.
  5. Implementation Method:
    1. Couples who wish to register must participate in a prenuptial seminar to learn about the wedding ceremony procedures. Anyone absent without good reason will be disqualified.
    2. Participants with disabilities enjoy priority application privileges, and DOCA has the right to reserve places for them for this event.
    3. Participants may not object or demand compensation if this event is delayed or canceled due to natural disasters or other event of force majeure.
    4. This event has no power to validate marriages legally. Legal marriage will take effect only when all substantial requirements are fulfilled according to the current Civil Code, and marriage registration is completed at the Household Registration Office.
    5. Others Issues:
      1. The agenda and location of this event will be finalized at the prenuptial seminar.
      2. DOCA will provide all forms which need to be filled out for this event.
      3. DOCA will provide related souvenirs or gifts based on budget considerations.
  6. Source of Funding: This event is sponsored by the DOCA annual budget, but can also accept resources from private sponsors.
  7. Supplementary Provisions: This plan is subject to changes at any time if these are deemed necessary to a satisfactory outcome.