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Are You Sick of Dating Apps and Speed Dating? Special Singles Mixer Events to be Held Across the 12 Districts of Taipei City Sign Up Now for the Opportunity to Experience Love Face to Face

Are you worried about having little chance of meeting new people because of your busy work schedule? Are you still browsing through profiles on dating apps without any progress? In order to allow more singles in the city to expand their social circles and find true happiness despite their busy lives, district offices across Taipei have planned a series of singles mixer events starting from April and lasting until the end of September of 2021. Singles in the city yearning for love and romance are invited to put down their mobile phones, step outside, and sign up for the exciting activities.
Lan Shih-tsung, the commissioner of Department of Civil Affairs of Taipei City Government, noted that in order to help unmarried citizens have more opportunities to get to know potential matches, district offices across Taipei will utilize local resources to organize singles mixers with local highlights in terms of event locations or itinerary planning. Planned Locations include Taipei Xia-Hai City God Temple in Datong District, Zhongshan Linear Park in Zhongshan District, and Hot Spring Hotels in Beitou District, etc. The mixer events are combined with activities such as walking tours, sports activities, or afternoon tea, so that participants can experience the unique highlights of each district of Taipei City through relaxing and fun experiences while potentially finding a suitable match. All single citizens are welcome to participate based on their own preferences.
The Wanhua District Office will organize the first singles mixer event. Registration for the event will be open from today onwards. The registration timelines for events in each district can be found on the official website of Department of Civil Affairs of Taipei City Government (https://ca.gov.taipei/). For details regarding the qualifying criteria of participants and planned events, please contact each district office's singles networking service desk. Single friends who are interested are cordially invited to register as quickly as possible while spots remain available.

  • 2021 Single Mixer Events by District
2021 Taipei Single Mixer Events by District
District Event Date Sign-up Date Spots Available Contact Person
Songshan 7/31(Sat) afternoon 6/5 20 pairs of men and women Ms. Chen, Humanities Section 87878787ext.736
Xinyi 7/03(Sat) afternoon 5/15
20 pairs of men and women Ms. Tai, Humanities Section 27239777 ext. 806
Da’an 9/25(Sat) afternoon 8/16 20 pairs of men and women Ms. Ho, Humanities Section 23511711 ext. 8901
Zhongshan 8/14(Sat) afternoon (tentative) 6/28 20 pairs of men and women Ms. Chung, Humanities Section
25031369 ext. 593
Zhongzheng June
20 pairs of men and women Ms. Chang, Humanities Section
23416721 ext. 317
Datong 4/24(Sat) afternoon 3/22 20 pairs of men and women Ms. Ku, Humanities Section
25975323 ext. 806
Wanhua 4/18(Sun) afternoon As of today
(while spots remain)
20 pairs of men and women Mr. Lu, Humanities Section
23064468 ext. 204
Wenshan 6/19(Sat) afternoon 5/1
20 pairs of men and women Mr. Li, Humanities Section
29365522 ext. 359
Nangang 5/22(Sat) afternoon 3/20
20 pairs of men and women Ms. Wu, Humanities Section
27837343 ext. 859
Neihu 8/14(Sat) afternoon 7/1 20 pairs of men and women Ms. Hung, Humanities Section
27925828 ext 605
23 Communications Consultants Co.,Ltd
22570377ext. 9
Shilin 6/12(Sat) afternoon 4/19
20 pairs of men and women Ms. Chou, Humanities Section
28826200 ext. 6502
Beitou 4/25(Sun)
20 pairs of men and women Mr. Wu, Humanities Section
28912105 ext. 276
Note: The information listed above is for reference only. Please refer to official announcements from the websites of respective district offices for the latest updates. For detailed information, please reach out to the contact windows of the respective district offices.