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Marry in Taipei 2022 – Big Prizes Await You! Marry in Taipei and Win Prizes Worth Up to $10,000,000!

For those who want to get married, look no further! Over the past two years, many couples have had their wedding plans disrupted due to the COVID-19 epidemic, but...maybe the crisis is an opportunity! Taipei City is actively encouraging couples to get married and offers its sincere blessings. This year, for the first time ever, the city government is launching the "2022 Marry in Taipei – Marry in Taipei and Win Prizes Worth Up to $10,000,000!" lottery campaign, with a total prize pool of NT$10 million awaiting newlyweds! For those who are ready to get married and those who just need a final push, welcome to register at Household Registration Offices in Taipei to enter the lottery!
Taipei City Deputy Mayor Shan-Shan Huang pointed out that the number of marriages and the number of newborns in Taipei City are decreasing year by year. In order to encourage marriageable couples to get married, the city government has launched a marriage lottery campaign with total prizes worth up to NT$10 million. 150 lucky couples will be drawn. The earlier couples register their marriage this year, the more chances to win because the lottery will be drawn monthly, quarterly and annually. It means newlyweds can have up to 6 chances to win! According to last year's (2021) statistics on marriage registrations, there were 11,313 marriages in the year, with an average of fewer than 1,000 marriages per month, which translates to a 1.3% chance of winning the lottery. The much-anticipated first monthly marriage lottery draw is scheduled to be held on March 10 by Deputy Mayor Huang.
The “2022 Marry in Taipei – Marry in Taipei and Win Prizes Worth Up to $10,000,000!” campaign is open from January 1 to December 31, 2022. To be eligible for the lottery, couples must register their marriage in Taipei City and both groom and bride should register their household in Taipei City. There are three major categories of prizes:
(1) NT$50,000 Monthly Draw: 10 registered newlywed couples will be drawn each month, for a total of 120 couples for the whole year, with a bonus of NT$50,000 cash prize for each couple.
(2) NT$100,000 Quarterly Draw: For couples who did not win in the monthly lucky draw, don't be discouraged; 5 newlywed couples will be drawn every quarter, for a total of 20 lucky couples for the year. And for couples who don't win in that quarter, they are eligible to participate in the next quarter's lottery. The prize for each newlywed couple in the quarterly lottery (NT $100,000) is double that of the monthly lottery.
(3) Annual Grand Prize Draw: It doesn't matter if you don't win in the monthly and quarterly lottery draw: The Annual Grand Prize Draw still awaits you! The Annual Grand Prize Draw will provide 10 lucky chances, and the winning couple will receive a NT$200,000 marriage bonus!
So, how to enter the lottery? Very simple, as long as you have registered your marriage at a household registration office in Taipei City, and both groom and bride register the household in Taipei, you can directly participate in the lottery. The organizer will directly sort through the household registration database to select eligible newlyweds and automatically notify the winner on how to collect the prize. The detailed rules of the event and the winner list will be announced on the event website (https://marryme.taipei).
Couples who have registered for marriage in Taipei City in January and February 2022, even neither or either of them has the household registered in Taipei City, still have a chance to enter the lottery. As long as both newlyweds have completed the moving-in registration in Taipei City before March 4, 2022, they can still participate in the monthly NT$50,000 lottery, as well as the quarterly and annual grand prize lottery draw. Household registration offices throughout the city have notified these newlyweds in advance of this exciting lottery event, so please complete your moving-in registration in Taipei City as soon as possible to take advantage of the rare opportunity to win!