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Taipei City Government established the Taipei Public Funeral Parlor in 1965. Due to rapid industrial and commercial development, the funeral facilities gradually became overloaded. In 1978, the Taipei Public Funeral Parlor was restructured into the 1st and 2nd Funeral Parlors, and took on the responsibility of the City’s funeral business and cemetery management, respectively. In 1989, for the sake of unified authority, the management of the original 1st and 2nd Funeral Parlors was merged under the Mortuary Services Office of Taipei City.
In addition to managing the business of the 1st and 2nd Funeral Parlors, the Office also includes the City’s designated crematorium. Concerning funeral parlors, both parlors feature an assembly hall, and provide grieving families with venues for placing the coffin, placement of the body into the coffin, family sacrificial rites and public memorial. In terms of cremation, the 2nd Funeral Parlor features 14 cremators for providing cremation services. The Office also presides over Yangmingshan Tower, Zhen-Ai Tower and Fude Tower, 3 locations with facilities for the placement of bones and ashes, and also lists a total of 42 public cemeteries under its management. In addition to providing funeral services, the Office is also in charge of supervising and managing private funeral operators, facilities and other related matters.
The Office has been established for almost half a century, not only being responsible for processing mortal remains, but also on a mission to improve customs and the funeral culture. In recent years, in order to strengthen the promotion of various green and natural burial methods, Fude Park and Yong-Ai Park were put into use in 2003 and 2007, respectively, to provide tree burial and scattering of cremation ashes for citizens and their pets. Also from 2003, sea burial activities have been held each year, and in 2013, a flower burial area was established in Yangmingshan, providing citizen with diverse choices concerning funeral matters.
In order to uphold the service philosophy of “respect, caring, efficiency”, the Office is committed to promoting the standardization of operating procedures, transparency of information and caring services, and the careful planning of each service item to build a new culture in regard to Taipei’s funeral services.

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