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I. Foreword

 With the hundred percent heartily efforts made by each employee of Department of Civil Affairs, Taipei City Government and through the involvement of the citizens, the goal of district environmental reform was accomplished based on District Affairs Demonstration Operation Option Plans. In the domain of autonomous administration, autonomy is the spirit for the districts to utilize current available resources to evenly develop their own characteristics and fortify the authority of each District Office to implement district affairs development plans, create local features, and reinforce electronic services for household affairs. The goal is to provide services, such as civil affairs, social affairs, economic development, military service, and household affairs with active, positive, and innovative administration and coupled with modern technology to provide faster and more complete services. Every district-affair planning depends on the involvement of the citizens. We look forward to providing high quality services to the public in the future with the efforts from the employees of Civil Affairs, District Affairs, and Household Affairs.

II. Vision

i. Quality Guaranteed

 “Convenience, efficiency, innovation, and respect” are not only the promises we make to the citizens of Taipei City but also the upmost quality we guarantee for the services we provide. We ask all employees to go through the most professional competence training, familiarize themselves with each regulation, and provide services with best attitudes.

ii. Superior Quality Civil Affairs Networks

  1. Each District Administration Center has personnel to greet the clients and provide more advanced services, such as convenient counter, cross-district services, and priority counter for seniors and clients with special needs.
  2. Truly implementing complete urban disaster report system, reviewing the reinforcement of municipal scale and district scale disaster prevention and rescue mission team in a timely manner, and enhancing the self-survive ability and knowledge in the local public.
  3. Enhancing the service efficiency and work competence of Officers, providing Officers training, supervising Officers project reviews, and rewarding superior and senior Officers to promote the quality of public services.
  4. Fortifying the management of District Recreation Centers, enhancing the service quality of District Recreation Centers, executing policies of local activity venues, and implementing annual evaluation to increase the efficiency.
  5. Promoting participatory budgeting by encouraging citizen involvement and assisting citizens to complete proposals through steps of educational promotion, ideas proposals, citizen discussions, building common ground, and refining plans.
  6. Fortifying religious groups counseling and encouraging religious groups to establish charity acts to bring out religious functions and increase social welfare.
  7. Integrating industry cultural characteristics in each district and holding foundational art and folk performances to root into community life, preserve and display local cultural spirits, and create local attractions.
  8. mplementing “Rectifying Etiquette and Custom Policy”, executing concentrated spirit money burning, and promoting “reducing incense and spirit money use”.
  9. Promoting Adulthood Ceremony in each district, holding filial conducts selection to rebuild family value, awarding outstanding citizens to promote good deeds and volunteer work.
  10. Holding the Confucius Ceremony to promote traditional culture, providing volunteer-guided tours, ritual dances and musical performances to promote Confucius Temple, and holding cultural seasonal events, art study seminars to promote Confucianism.
  11. Holding annual event at Lin An Tai Historical House and Museum to promote Taiwanese culture and trace the origin.
  12. Updating funeral and burial facilities, providing superior quality services, establishing better funeral environment, and enhancing service quality to beautify the city looks. Continuously promoting diverse environmental friendly burials and funeral-combined ceremony to advocate simplified and clean burial concepts to assure sustainable earth resources.
  13. Implementing cross-county household registration administration support system and constructing cross-department information platform to coordinate with the Ministry of the Interior for the planning and updates of the Household Registration and Conscription Information System.
  14. Executing investigation operation on one address with more than eight residents to fortify household registration management. Enhancing investigation on the cases of registration of the ninth and above resident of the household to ensure the accuracy of household registration.
  15. Implementing Household Registration Value-added Services: producing e-books of birth, marriage, new residence, death, and divorce related information for the public to download as references to provide citizens with timely, local, and customized care and services.
  16. Promoting the digitalization of personal seals and household registration records and providing holistic digitalized household registration services.
  17. Executing new immigrants care counseling measures and establishing “Taipei City New Immigrants Web page” with nine-language versions, providing single window service for new immigrant courses and nationality naturalization affairs, enhancing the functions of New Immigrants’ Hall, and holding events that promote diverse cultures from the new immigrants.
  18.  To serve as the communication counter for the population policy of Taipei City Government, integrating all departments to continue to encourage birth policy so as to build up a friendly- pronatalist city; meanwhile, hosting joint-wedding activities and events to promote  population policy based on the idea of family value inclusion.
  19.  To serve as the communication counter for the LGBTQ+policy of Taipei City Government, In an effort to build up LGBTQ+ friendly environment, holding regular meetings, and to build up a city of gender equality.