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Confucius Ceremony

Confucius’ birthday is on September 28th. The government designates this day as  Teachers' Day. Every year, Taipei City observes the classical rites and holds the memorial ceremony at 6:00 a.m. For the ceremony, the Mayor of Taipei presides over the ceremony as the principal consecration officer. The Commissioner of the Department of Civil Affairs serves as the Ceremonial Supervisor.
The Speaker of Taipei City Council and the directors of all branches of Taipei City Government act as secondary consecration officers. The principals of schools and the chiefs of the City's 12 districts act as accompanying consecration officers.
The Minister of the Interior is customarily designated as the President's representative in offering sacrifices to Confucius. Over 1,000 people attend the ceremony each year, including  diplomatic corps, foreign guests, and senior citizens. The Confucius ceremony is a sacred ritual, part of traditional culture.