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1. Main tasks:

a. Household registration, census, census corrections and verification, acquirement and loss of citizenship, change of name, issuance of household member lists, preparation of voters lists and other tasks.

b. Street names, address signs, registration and verification of seals, safeguarding data and issuing certification to immigrants related to Japanese Occupation household surveys, issuing national identification cards, preparation of student lists, household reports and statistics.

c. Receiving and issuing documents, seals, miscellaneous tasks, handling bills, research and file management.

2. List of services:

Service Duration Agency
Registry of birthService upon arrivalHousehold Registration Office
Registry of adoptionService upon arrival
Registry and termination of foster careService upon arrival
Registry of marriage and divorceService upon arrival
Registry and announcement of deathService upon arrival
Registry of legal guardianshipService upon arrival
Registry of resident relocation (both into and out of district), and changes of addressService upon arrival
Registry of birth placeService upon arrival
Registry of changes, corrections, and cancellationsService upon arrival
Change of nameService upon arrival
Acquirement, loss or recovery of citizenship5 Days
Application of citizenship IDService upon arrival
Household registration certificateService upon arrival
Household member listService upon arrival
Registry and verification of sealsService upon arrival
Creating, altering and verifying address signsService upon arrival
First-time registry of householdService upon arrival
English version of Household RegisterService upon arrival