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Terms and Conditions for Applications to the Taipei City Joint Wedding Ceremony

  • Registration Method


  1. Online Registration: After completing the online registration,you will receive confirmation e-mail。
  2. If neither of the parties have household registration in Taipei City, at least one needs to provide proof of employment or school enrollment in the city.
  3. Foreigners must submit passport copies and documents proving unmarried status, along with a Chinese translation of those documents which has been certified by an overseas Taipei Representative Office.


  • Cautions:


  1. Both parties must be on time for the prenuptial seminar to learn about the procedures for the wedding ceremony. Participants absent without good reason will be disqualified.
  2. All must check in on time on the wedding day. The ceremony will not be postponed to accommodate latecomers.
  3. Couples are responsible for their own makeup and hair styling.
  4. The numbering sequence of the participants on the wedding day is based on the order in which they checked in at the prenuptial seminar. 
  5. Any changes and updates regarding the date and location of the Joint Wedding Ceremony will be announced on the website.
  6. Participants with disabilities enjoy priority registration privileges (two couples per ceremony) and do not count against the total quota of the Joint Wedding Ceremony. Please show Disability Card at the time of registration. Please contact DOCA at 1999 (02-27208889 if calling from other areas) if on-site sign language translation services or information regarding handicapped accessible areas is needed
  7. Participants may not object or demand compensation if the wedding is delayed or canceled due to natural disasters, wars, or other events of force majeure.
  8. This event has no power to validate marriages legally. Legal marriage will take effect only when all substantial requirements are fulfilled according to the current Civil Code, and marriage registration is completed at the Household Registration Office.
  9. For more information, please call 1999 (02-27208889 if calling from other areas) or visit our website at: https://umarry.gov.taipei/.