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How do parents of a child born out of wedlock to a foreign national father and an ROC national mother file the child's household registration? How does the biological father file for paternity?

(I) Application Process
1. Child born in the ROC
(1) The biological mother shall file application with the household registration office of her resident area.
(2) When the biological mother cannot apply in person, a representative may file on her behalf.
2. Child born abroad
(1) If the child is younger than 20, entering the ROC using an ROC passport, entry permit or foreign passport, the family head or legal representative may apply for initial household registration to local household registration office with the permanent resident certificate.
(2) If the child is older than 20, application may apply for permanent residency for the child first and, with that, apply for household registration in accordance with Immigration Law and Related regulations.
(II) Required Documents:
1. Child born in the ROC
(1) Applicant’s identification and seal (or signature).
(2) Mother’s household registration.
(3) Original birth certificate.
2. Child born abroad
(1)Household certificate of the applicant for initial household registration, family head or legal representative’s ID card and seal;
(2)Permanent resident certificate.
(3) Mother’s household registration.
(III) Registration for Adoption by Biological Father
1. Application Process
(1) Biological father should file application at any household registration office.
(2) When biological father is not able to apply in person, she/he may appoint a representative by power of attorney (power of attorney established abroad must be translated and notarized by R.O.C. foreign missions); that person with power of attorney must be approved by jurisdictional household registration office.
(3) A child whose biological father has a Chinese surname may apply for a name change to reflect father’s surname.
2. Required Documents:
(1) Written parentage documents.
(2) Applicant’s proof of identification and seal (or signature).
(3) Child’s household registration and ROC identification (except in cases where ROC ID has not been issued).
(4) Those who intend to use his/her father's surname as his/her legal surname should present "Agreement of Children's surname"