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How do foreign adoptive parents of ROC citizen children file for termination of adoptive relationship?

(I)Application Process:
  1.The adopter or adoptee files application at any household registration office as the applicant.
  2.Where the applicant is not able to apply in person, he/she may appoint a representative by power of attorney (power of attorney established abroad must be translated into Chinese and notarized by ROC embassy/ consulate /representative office).
  3.The party concerned petition for adoption admission to the court if the adopted children are under age.
  4.The child shall revert to his/her birth name
(II)Required Documentation:
  1.Applicant’s identification certificate and seal (or signature).
  2.The adoptee’s household certificate and ROC ID card (except in cases where ROC ID has not been issued; those who have received should change).
  3.Certificate for valid adoption under ROC laws.  (Those document made abroad must be translated into Chinese and notarized by the ROC embassy/consulate/representative office.)