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How do foreign parents adopting a child with ROC citizenship file for adoption?

  1. Application Process:
    1. The party concerned petition for adoption admission to the court.
    2. The adopter or adoptee files application at any household registration office as the applicant.
    3. Where the applicant is not able to apply in person, he/she may appoint a representative by power of attorney (power of attorney established abroad must be translated into Chinese and notarized by ROC embassy/ consulate /representative office)
    4. Where the adoptee’s surname is in conformity with local customs, the adopted child’ may be changed to that of the adoptive parents or keep the original one. t
  2. Required Documents:
    1. Applicant’s identification certificate and seal (or signature).
    2. Adoptee’s household certificate and ROC ID card (except in cases where ROC ID has not been issued).
    3. Court ruling document and final ruling certificate.
    4. Parent’s agreement for Children’s surname.