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Department of Civil Affairs


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How do I apply for an alteration of the directors and supervisors of religious legal foundation?

Application for altering the directors and supervisors of a religious legal foundation

Please prepare the following documents and bring them to the local district office for the first review, which will then be transferred to the Department of Civil Affairs:

1.      Original copy of the completed application form

2.      Original copies of relevant meeting minutes

3.      Copies of donation and organization regulations

4.      Copy of the list of former directors and supervisors

5.      Original copies of consent letters of willing directors and supervisors

6.      Original copy of the list of directors and supervisors

7.      The original copies of the seals of the legal foundation, directors and supervisors

8.      Original identifications of directors and supervisors

9.      Copies of property inventory


Four copies should be submitted for each of the required documents, except the application form (one original copy), and the seals of the legal foundation, directors and supervisors (five copies each).