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How do ROC citizens and foreigners file for divorce?

(I) Application Process:
   1.Those divorced in the ROC
     Both parties shall apply for registration in person to any household registration office. (In the case of a decree of divorce, court mediation or court settlement, either party or an appointed agent may undertake the aforesaid application
   2.Those divorced abroad
    (1)The party concerned must apply for registration at any household registration office.
    (2)Applicants who are unable to apply in person may appoint a representative by power of attorney (translated into Chinese and notarized by the ROC embassy/consulate/representative office); that person with power of attorney must be approved by jurisdictional household registration office.
    (3)Where the applicant is not able to apply in person, he/she may appoint a an agent by power  of attorney (power of attorney established abroad must be translated into Chinese and notarized by ROC embassy/ consulate /representative office).
    (4)Applicants may request in person for ROC embassy/consulate/ representative office to forward their marriage registration application and required documents to the appropriate household registration office in Taiwan.
(II) Required Documents:
   1.Those divorcing in ROC:
    (1)The household certificate of the party with household registration in Taiwan, ROC identification card and seal (or signature).
    (2)Identification certificate of the foreign spouse.
    (3)Divorce agreement (bearing signatures of two witnesses); in the case of a sentenced divorce, the court sentence and documentation of authenticity or agreement of  settlement/mediation in court.
   2.Those have divorced abroad:
    (1)The party concerned applies to the ROC household registration office
      A.The household certificate of the party with household registration in Taiwan, ROC identification card and seal (or signature).
      B.Identification certificate of the foreign spouse.
      C.Divorce certificate with Chinese translation and certified (verified) by R.O.C. foreign missions. (For divorce under the law of the place, such divorce certificate should affixed the juridical act conforms to the formal requisites under the law of the place).
    (2)If theparty concerned apply abroad through the ROC embassy /consulate/representative office
      A.Divorce document with Chinese translation.
      B.Declaration form for divorce.
(III)At the time of filing registration for divorce, the spouse who has assumed the surname of the other should apply to revert to his/her own surname.
(VI)If a ROC citizen, after registering his/her same-sex marriage to a foreigner from a nation or region where same-sex marriage has been legalized, would like to have his / her same-marriage registration terminated, he/she may go to any household registration office in Taipei City for the information regarding relevant procedures and required documents.