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Mayor Chiang and Jolin Tsai Champion the Fight Against Smoking (11-10)

In light of the new Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act, Mayor Chiang and Jolin Tsai are actively campaigning against the dangers of emerging tobacco products, such as e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products. Their efforts aim to heighten public awareness about the importance of rejecting smoking and to safeguard the health of the residents.

Seven Key Highlights of the New Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act:

▪️ A complete ban on the sale and use of e-cigarettes.

▪️ Stricter regulation of heated tobacco products.

▪️ Prohibition of the sale and distribution of flavored cigarettes.

▪️ Increase in the legal smoking age to 20 years.

▪️ Expansion of smoke-free environments in public areas.

▪️ Enlargement of health warning images and texts on cigarette packs to cover 50% of the surface area.

▪️ Implementation of heavier penalties for violations by tobacco companies.

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