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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Supporting Each Other for a Prosperous Tomorrow The 2024 Taipei City Civil Affairs Team Joint Awards Ceremony2024-07-01
2Taipei Honors Golden Wedding Anniversaries in Celebration of International Day of Families2024-05-11
3Taipei City Youth Development and Family Education Center - Free Seminars2024-01-19
4Mayor Chiang and Jolin Tsai Champion the Fight Against Smoking (11-10)2023-11-27
5The Highway Bureau: A Better Tomorrow Begins with Pedestrian Courtesy (10-8)2023-10-27
6NTD1,200 monthly transport pass for Northern Taiwan (covers Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, and Keelung), June 15 pre-order, July 01 online.2023-06-08
7Press Release Department of Civil Affairs, Taipei City Government2023-04-01
8Beware of Fire Hazards During Qingming Festival Worship Rituals: Eco-Friendly Rituals Are the Healthier Choice 2023-03-14
9Innovation of Taipei City's Refined Worshipping Culture Shilin Shennong Temple “Substitutes Joss Paper for Tea” to Protect the Environment – Foreign Languages Available for the Online Lottery Poem Platform2022-01-01
10Wanna to go abroad? Come to New Immigrants Special Bazzar to have great fun now! Malay Nyonya Cake, Korean Spicy Pancake, Japanese Water Balloon Hooking Game, Vietnamese Jelly Flower DIY, are waiting for you to try!2020-07-03
11While the threat of coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) gradually abates, the Residents' Activity Centers and the Public Halls of Taipei City will reopen according to the principles as follows2020-06-08
12Comprehensive Body Temperature Checks and wear a mask during transportation!2020-05-01
13Face masks mandatory on public transportations! Refusing to put on a mask could be fined between NT$3,000 to NT$15,000! 2020-04-10
14Starting on April 9, every person entering Taipei City public buildings are required to wear a face mask2020-04-10
15There is a fine of NT.3000 to NT. 6000 for disposing used face masks indiscriminately.2020-04-10
16CECC raises travel notice for all countries to Level 3: Warning; advises against all nonessential travel2020-03-23