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Wanna to go abroad? Come to New Immigrants Special Bazzar to have great fun now! Malay Nyonya Cake, Korean Spicy Pancake, Japanese Water Balloon Hooking Game, Vietnamese Jelly Flower DIY, are waiting for you to try!

The New Immigrants Special Bazzar, which is full of exotic tastes,will be held in the Central Square of Xinyi Citizen Hall, at 1:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m on July 5, 2020(Sunday).New immigrants from countries including Japan, Korea, United Kingdom, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand,and Malyasia will start 21 special counters, showing their homeland dishes, interesting games, cultural and creative commodities DIY, inviting all of you to join a special afternoon having fun of different countries.
Taipei City is a multi-cultural friendly city. Until the end
    Of June, 2020, there are totally over 36,000 new immigrants living
    here, bringing different diverse cultural exchange to us. Many new immigrants have even invested into microentrepreneurship or
    developed E-commerce positively. They offer many exotic restaurants or commodities stores in Taipei lanes and streets. This year, we shall firstly have New Immigrants Special Bazzar in Taipei City, inviting new immigrant friends from all countries to gather and start their counters, so as to let us try yummy tastes, play games, watch shows and have wonderful and satisfactory experience.
From the “Crazy Malay”counter of the Malaysian new immigrants,they will prepare 8 types of Malay Nyonya Cakes and Nyonya Rice Dumplings, and all kinds of dazzling Malay Nyonya Cakes will give you a feast to your eyes.”En-Ying”from “Taiwan Korean Woman Organization”and other Korean girls have planned a“Spicy Team”, using Korean Pancakes and Spicy Fried Rice Cakes, to challenge your taste buds!  Shinbo Kazuko and her friends from「Japanese Spouse Fellowship」 will present a “Water Ball Fishing”game that must be played in the traditional Japanese festivals. It has always fascinated the children!  Besides that, David from UK will make us special English tea, our Lao and Myanmar immigrant friends will present their most authentic “Lemon Fragrant Rice Noodle” and “Iced milk tea”.  How blissful it is, to have an exotic cold drinks in the hot summer!
It is particularly worth mentioning that the host of “The Cooler”, Zhenyuan from Indonesia, she was graduated from the thesis of the“ New Immigrant Beverage Class” organized by the Civil Affairs Bureau and the relevant Development Institute last year. 
She and her sisters integrated what they learned from the course into their hometown creative drinks “Dragonfly Taps Water”. The ingredients include spices, pandan leaves, coconut water, and mountain powder . She has proved her success of her learning and ready to challenge the public's taste experience!
In addition to the special stand experience, you can not miss the brilliant stage performances on the day, which will be performed by the new immigrant Wu Yaohong of Vietnam, the Xinxin Performing Arts Group of china,and the New Immigrants’ Children in Thailand. Wu Yaohong is a relatively reputable singer in Vietnam. He currently runs a nail shop and live webcast in Taiwan. He is an eye-catching little celebrity; the Tahitian hula dance of Xinxin Performing Arts Group shows the enthusiasm of tropical island countries in a graceful dance. Vitality; Thailand's new Immigrants’ children bring traditional Thai and northern dances, showing lively and lovely vitality!